Thank you 2016


There are so many stories and experiences I lived this year, and I learned a lesson from each one. Even though it was a horrible time for the arts, politics, economics, world wars, and elections, this year left lovely memories and "down" moments to learn from.

2016 taught me that no matter what the situation is, there is always something good about a bad day.

I met wonderful people this year. Each and every one of those people taught me something different and I am sure that we will keep supporting ourselves. I am truly grateful for the people closest to me.

2016 taught me that support is gold, especially if we are talking about people you love.

As far as experiences as a dancer, this year I realized new things, things I did not know when I was younger. There is a way to work, technically correct, that no one ever mentioned me. However, they are things I can work and improve on. 2017 will be the year to keep developing those aspects and move from bad habits.

2016 taught me how to be a better dancer and to not give up on my dreams.

As far as my resolutions for 2017 go, I still have a blank sheet of paper waiting. This time I will avoid making lists that are impossible to stick to. Our goals should consist of making every year better than the one before, and that is indeed what I want to do.

I cannot wait for what 2017 brings. For now, my only wish is for it to surprise us with new, exciting experiences. May the New Year be an explosion of positive memories you can keep for your future.

For all my readers, Happy New Year and thank you for your wonderful support.