To a Good 2018


This year flew by!

In 2017, I learned and experienced uncountable new things. From moving to a different city by myself to keep training and dancing, to writing my first ballet reviews. I definitely ended some cycles and routines to start new ones.

My ballet technique is a work-in-progress, revisiting the basics over and over again. This is not changing for 2018, and maybe all dancers will understand me as we always look for improvement.

Moving by myself has been a process of discovery. I am learning my "adult habits", my preferences, my moments of relaxing and working. Of course, keeping up with a to-do list is a challenge, but I have been able to keep up and carry on with all my tasks (work and school wise).

Self-care and health are going to be a priority this year. I think everyone's body deserves love after hard-working routines. :)

Of course, I will keep sharing my journey here on the blog. All those who follow me know that dancing and writing are the best ways I can express myself and share my feelings.

With this short post, I just want to say that I will keep working hard for my dreams and goals this 2018. It will be a difficult and challenging year, and I plan to keep focused on where I want to go.

To all my readers, Happy New Year!