Reflecting on 2018

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Every year is a lesson. And for me, 2018 was a roller coaster of emotions that gave me so many wake up calls.

It was definitely not a good year for me career-wise and health-wise, but I do want to reflect in both the positives and the negatives of 2018. I had so many hopes in December of 2017 and the fact that I could not make much happen made me really think about how I would like to accomplish things from now on.

Now that I am 21, “new year resolutions” are more desirable as I become an adult, just like any other people my age. But I do not want to be one fo those people that fail with their unrealistic list. I would like to have certain goals, with defined steps on how to accomplish them.

First, we need to reflect on this past year. 2018 happened so fast, and with more reason, I am able to remember almost everything I did this year. I am happy to share this with you, so you could maybe be inspired to do the same and hopefully not failing by mid-January.

While writing these, I realised that I actually have more positives points than negative, even though I consider 2018 to be one of the hardest years.

How was my 2018?

Here are the major things that I accomplished during the year, with which I can reflect on and continue developing through 2019:

  • In the few months before I got injured, I got to improve my technique and accomplish ballet variations I have never been able to achieve before, such as the Lilac Fairy.

  • I learned how to move differently, having my first performances of contemporary dance and modern ballet, both in a short ensemble piece and a full-length performance.

  • I got to develop my acting skills performing as “Carabosse” in The Sleeping Beauty, a role I never imagined myself portraying.

  • I simplified my life through minimalism. I decluttered most of my closet and donated lots of stuff. I can say that if I move again, I will be able to fit everything in a few suitcases or boxes.

  • I finally got to understand some of the best ways I can nourish my body. I decided to finally turned to a plat-based way of eating, and it is definitely the best for my digestive system and energy levels.

  • I launched my podcast, “Beyond the Corps,” which is definitely a project I love pursuing.

  • The idea of expanding the domain “Beyond the Corps” surged a few weeks ago, and I cannot wait to keep creating more and more content for the ballet and dance community.

  • I developed extra business skills while working for the company behind the scenes. Now I know that even the smallest of companies have a long, delicate process to make a performance happen.

What was the negative?

Well, here are the things that went a bit off…

  • Of course, the biggest unfortunate event of 2018 was my tendon injury. I had a small tear on my Peroneus Brevis tendon, since April, and it happened during petite allegro in ballet class. I stopped for four months, went back onstage (just contemporary dance), and fell back again to feeling bad. Then, I had a cast for three and a half weeks. Now that it is off, I will start a patient process of physical therapy once again at the beginning of 2019.

  • Because of the injury, it has been exactly nine months since I have been on pointe.

  • For the first time, I got to experience a period off-dance. While this time is great for reflecting on the art form itself and look at it differently, it was definitely an emotional roller coaster. Frustration and anxiety dominate the mind, and I crave to dance every day.

  • Of course, some personal issues can be listed here, but I am going to save that for my personal journal instead of posting them online.

On this 2019…

I am planning this to be a year in which, as selfish as it sounds, I focus on myself. At this time of my “young adult” life, I am craving many things such as a successful jump-start of a bigger professional career, independence, and financial stability. However, I am clear that I cannot achieve any of these aspects if I don’t focus on myself first.

Here are my simple priorities for the year:

  • Injury Recovery (How? By correctly implementing my physical therapy exercises as well as being patient when coming back to ballet class.)

  • Keeping on a healthy food plan (How? By keeping a healthy food shopping list, cooking at home, and not restricting myself to certain foods.)

  • Have a consistent conditional exercise routine that aids my ankle and overall technique (How? By scheduling certain times of the day in which I dedicate to accomplishing these types of exercises. I am going to schedule at least one hour a day, five days a week for these exercises.)

  • Have an organised writing and content schedule (How? Trough scheduling exact times during the day/week to dedicate solely to Claudia’s Journal and Beyond the Corps.)

  • Keeping on simplifying my life through minimalism and intentional living (How? By consistently reviewing my processions, my routines, my relationships, and decluttering what is not necessary.)

  • Spend less time on social media (How? By scheduling certain times on the day to scroll and post on social media.)

  • Read at least a chapter of a book a day in order to read more books this year (How? I will certainly make time in the day to read at least a chapter, especially at night, where I should exchange time on my phone for time with a book.)

Well there you go. My reflections on 2018 and my intentions for 2019. What are yours?

I hope that everyone has a fantastic start of the New Year, no matter how you celebrate it. Try to journal or write down your intentions for next year. Don’t make them as impossible resolutions, but rather, like I said, as goals you can accomplish with their specific ways on how to achieve them.

Happy New Year!