Christmas 2016


When the main curtain went down on our last Nutcracker 2016 performance, I got both a feeling of relief and a feeling of realization. I got relieved because I knew that after working so hard, we concluded ten successful performances. On the other hand, I realized that the year is about to end and therefore, felt doubt on how the next year will be.

Being a dancer with 19 years old makes me stand in a really difficult but crucial time in my young career. What is the plan now?

As we waited for Christmas to come, I enjoyed a lovely family time on Christmas Eve. In Venezuela, celebrating the 24th and the 31st is a big deal. Having half of my family at home for this day made it extra special.

The Royal Ballet's DVD Collection is one of the best gifts I have received. Watching my favorite company's videos always puts me on the vibes of inspiration. This exclusive collection includes more than 10 ballets from Royal Ballet's iconic repertoire, and some of them are productions I have never seen. It is the perfect gift to help me realize how much I love ballet and how much I want to keep dancing.

As I finish to write this post, I am also starting to have a vision of how I want next year to be. I want to keep you posted along the way.

Stay tuned for future posts and updates.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. Thank you for your support, always.