Trying to Avoid Distractions

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The more I work on the computer writing and creating content, the more I realize that I get easily distracted. Even in ballet class: if I don't look at the teacher for a split second while he/she is marking, I lose the whole combination. 

For these couple of months, I have paid more attention to my actual attention. I am able to memorize stuff only if I am truly concentrated. When you grow as an artist, you not only understand how your body functions but also how quickly and effectively you learn.

Making the most out of our careers involves being in the moment, concentrating on improving our weaknesses. And the sad reality is that sometimes we get distracted by negativity.

This is what I am focusing on here: I know I have talked about negativity a lot, but it is a truth in the dance world. Negativity highly impacts how we perform on a daily basis, and it does not include just the studio or the stage but every other activity we do.

Class is our meditation, our daily vitamin. If we are not in the moment, we might lose the benefit of class. Same in rehearsals: working closely with a choreographer or coach is essential for the performance. 

We concentrate too much on "I am not enough," "why am I here," "she/he is so incredible, how can I be like that," "why am I no like [insert name]?" But why? The beauty of this art form is that every dancer is unique, has individual strength and weaknesses. We do not have to be the same, it's humanly impossible.

In class, these thoughts haunt me while the teacher is marking a combination. Even when I am working on creating content for the blog, sometimes I doubt if what I am writing/recording will have any value at all.


So how do we avoid getting distracted?

I invite you to join me on this exercise: as selfish as it sounds, try to put the horse blinders and concentrate on what matters:

  • What am I getting from this class?

  • What am I learning in this rehearsal?

  • What is the best way to approach this step?

  • What would this character do?

  • What is the best routine for my body?

  • How about the best food plan I have had and that I know works?

  • This performance will be successful because...

  • How can I improve this?

These questions will help us understand even more why we do what we do. Concentrating on what we want the most out of our careers is essential, and will guarantee that we have less stressful days, more successful outcomes, and even better relationships with our colleagues. 

Let's not get distracted by our own minds, and instead, work with them to be our best selves in the studio and on the stage.