My First Swan Lake (at 15 years old)


The most famous ballet and the most seen by audiences throughout the world.

This ballet doesn’t compare to any other. If we, the dancers, want the audience to feel all the emotions with this ballet, we have to work our hardest. Swan Lake is not easy technically, artistically, and mentally.

But I had the privilege to discover that at the young age of 15.

In 2013, my school (Fundación Ballet de Las Américas) decided to present their own production of Swan Lake. As a student, I always saw this ballet as one that I could only dance as a professional due to its technical and artistic demands. I always had such a respect for it (and still do).

The character of a swan is not achieved without great concentration: arms like wings, bowed heads, arabesques and attitudes with specific arms, and the feeling of a woman suffering.

Was I going to be able to handle it with 15 years old?

I was cast as one of the big four swans. It was an honor! The rehearsals were hard, getting intense as the date came closer and closer. In the beginning, the arms and heads (basically the style) were difficult to achieve. 

The negative side of all my efforts was my diet. At the time, I thought I was doing the correct thing by restricting carbs and calories. I ended up with the lowest weight I have had. But this story goes for another post.

After a lot of sweat, concentration, and discipline, the last week came. Although we had stronger rehearsals, we had a lot of fun with my birthday and a sleepover that I organized with my friends. Starting on Wednesday, we started to go to the theatre for rehearsals. 

With a blister and everything, I got to perform. I found myself prepared. I could not believe that I was actually dancing Swan Lake, with the traditional white tutu and feathered headpiece. Wow!

Swan Lake was, without a doubt, a great success for my school. A lot of my bucket list wishes were achieved. Another excellent production added to my life book!


Go through this gallery to see some on and off-stage Swan Lake photos: