Journey to a Healthy Body: Cooking More


One of the things I really got into whenever I wanted (and keep wanting) to change my body in a positive way, was cooking.

And let me tell you, it really makes the difference not only on health but also on saving money, especially when you live alone.

I come from a place where it is rare to eat out. In Venezuela, families cook every day; and considering the economic, political, and humanitarian crisis, it has been even harder for people to buy food every single day.

I learned the basics of how to cook by looking at my grandma and uncle back at home. From how you turn on the stoves and oven, to how to cut vegetables and how meats, rice, and pasta should be cooked.

With time, I was making my first arepa (typical Venezuelan sandwich-type corn deliciousness).

When I started to get interested in improving my nutrition, I started to handle the kitchen by myself. Of course, I knew how to make the best salad combinations, but with time I started to experiment.

Now that I live alone, I take charge of my groceries and set one or two days a week to meal prep. It is the easiest thing in the world, and it keeps me entertained. It is a hobby now!

I can really notice the difference when I go out to eat, compared to how I feel when I cook my meals. When cooking at home, you can make sure of what goes into your food.

I followed a vegan diet for a while, and now I can say I still keep 90% of those habits. I don't buy any kind of animal products, so when I cook I try to combine the foods to make whole nutrients and be sure I get all the macros (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats). When I do eat out, I allow myself to have some meat or cheese.

I play with exploring combinations of grains and vegetables. I find alternatives to my "guilty" foods, like quinoa-based pasta and raw chocolate balls. Every meal I make is different from the other, I never get the same combination or flavors twice.

What matters is balance!

Why don't you try to cook yourself and start a healthier lifestyle? Believe me, it is worth the try even if you are not going to the Master Chef show!