Journey to a Healthy Body: The Mindset

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ⓒ Photo by Gene Schiavone

After all the research and experiments with my body, I have reached one or two conclusions.

I have gone through going gluten-free, replacing my meals with shakes, going vegan, vegetarian, restricting carbs, and all other "diet" ideas you can imagine. It is incredible how the human body works. I am still trying to experiment with the foods and exercises my body feels right to work with.

But it is even more incredible how your mindset affects you overall. 

Of course, every human body is not the same and reacts to certain foods differently (it is all chemistry). But everything starts with how you think and approach those healthy habits: how do you want to start, how you take your relationship with food and exercise, how you react to the either fast or paced results, and finally how you want to maintain that lifestyle for longer.

I experienced all the negative symptoms when my mindset was not focused on what was important: constant stress, calorie counting, portion control, think that certain food I ate will make me gain weight immediately, step on the scale every day and every time I ate a meal...

It turns out that, all the pessimist, stressful thoughts were impeding me to reach my goals.

A positive approach to every aspect of life is the key. If you are a pessimist about everything that happens to you, then negativity will keep hunting your goals.

What finally got my body to react to all the effort I was making and meal plan changes was to actually not worrying TOO MUCH. It is still a work-in-progress, since changing your mindset does not happen overnight.

Once you stop overthinking, having negative thoughts, and hating what you see in the mirror, your body will finally start to cease and all your efforts will be worth the try.

It is easy to say, hard to do.

My two conclusions from my journey are simply not surrounding myself with negative energy and pessimist thoughts, as well as being patient, positive, and love my body and every step of my health journey.

I am still working on having a positive mindset. Would you join me in this challenge?