Life Update: Injury Recovery

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I have been quiet for some time now, and this is because I am not able to dance for at least five weeks. Also, I have been working very hard helping my director organize the premiere of Tampa City Ballet this 27th of May.

So, this is what I have been up to:

I got worried once I felt that pull in my ankle, and it turns out that it is my first (and hopefully last) foot injury. After the "accidental landing" happened and the bruise disappeared, I took barre (only) for about two weeks, until I got to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

He told me I might have a tear on my peroneus brevis or peroneus longus (tendons surrounding the ankle, beside the Achilles tendon), and that I should be off dance for at least five weeks. I had already had two weeks on and off, but today (May 22st), marks the start of my fourth week completely off.

I still got three more weeks until I see the doctor again; and in the meantime, I am going to physical therapy to strengthen my foot. Additionally, I have added some gym sessions here and there to stay in shape.

Of course, being patient as a dancer is a hard task. Steven McRae, my favorite dancer, recently got surgery and I cannot feel more related to the situation.

I am trying to maintain a positive attitude toward this situation. I now get to discover my body's limits and work hard to get in shape. Moreover, it is an opportunity to think in what ways I can improve my technique even more once I start dancing again.

During my time off the studio and the stage, I have also had the opportunity to learn and improve some business skills (not my intended career, but anything I can learn, I will learn). During the whole month of May, I have administrated (alongside the organization team) the Premiere of Tampa City Ballet, "AfterImage," working with its website, the dancers' contracts, the programs, social media, tickets, theatre logistics, and numerous other tasks in order to make the performance possible.

These are the main reasons why I have been quiet after the launch of the new Claudia's Journal.

Watching others dance, sitting in the studio's front desk all day, makes me angry and sad at the same time. However, I try to stick to the excitement of waiting how much I will be able to do once I am fully recovered.

For all those that have been injured, I now understand how it feels. But let's try not to be unmotivated about it. It is better to recover fully than to push the injury for a longer period of time.

I cannot wait to put on my ballet shoes again.

My foot the day after I accidentally fell wrong from a petit allegro jump.

My foot the day after I accidentally fell wrong from a petit allegro jump.