Injury Recovery 2: Clearing the Path

My MRI as for June 2018.

My MRI as for June 2018.

The road is clearing up!

I know I have not been active on social media (or my blog) lately. While I have been busy working for both Tampa City Ballet and America’s Ballet School’s administrative side, I have not been in the mood for posting anything, really. But here is an update:

Finally, after not feeling better after those 5-6 weeks of therapy directed by the doctor, they ordered an MRI. Turns out, I do have a small tear on the tendon.

Good news is, the path is clearing up. The doctor gave me two options: Therapy with ultrasound (which is supposed to be effective on small tears), or have surgery to clean and repair the area.

I have decided to go to the therapy path for two weeks to see how things go. If I am not better, the surgery is the next step.

I am for sure desperate to get to hold the ballet barre again… however, I have to remember that these things happen to everyone and that I am young and full of opportunity to recover quickly.

Will keep you updated while this lasts. Planning to get back into blogging soon!