Injury Update 3: Starting Again


After four long months, I am finally holding the barre again!

On Monday, I had my very LAST doctor's appointment and had my last session of physical therapy on Saturday.

But going back in time, during my last physical therapy sessions, they were applying a method called "Iontophoresis," which consists of delivering anti-inflammatory medicine directly to the affected area through electrical stimulation. After four of those sessions, I started to feel better and better and proceeded to do more advanced exercises.

No surgery was needed!

I am thankful that my therapist was also a dancer, so she was confident that I could start with small ballet steps and use them as part of my recovery.

Going back to Monday, the doctor gave me an all-clear. However, he knows that ballet is a high-impact activity, and warned me to take extreme care for not starting too fast. Of course, he also told me to keep doing my therapy exercises every day to keep strengthening the affected joint.

I have already taken a few classes and cross-trained a bit more. I definitely feel better, and for sure am very sore. But I know that I do not have to be perfect and that after such a long time without class, the process of recovering and getting back to the shape I was before, needs to be slow. 

If you are wondering how the foot is, I feel it with almost no pain and has a higher range of movement with no difficulties. I just have to be careful to now force my turnout and lift my arches at all times, as doing the contrary makes the ankle angry. (And forcing my ankles' turnout might have been one of the reasons the tendon was suffering on the first place).

I did not kill myself in during my first class at the studio. I knew I was not going to keep up with all the exercises. Luckily, I also have a barre at home so I can keep going with slow-paced movements.

If you are injured, make sure to always think positive, because you will come back stronger!

I will keep you updated with my progress.

Thank you for reading and for your support during this journey.