Injury Update: A Cast?


I have had a cast for the last three weeks.

You may be asking, why do I have a cast NOW, if the injury happened in April and I was supposed to be back dancing?

Well, it is indeed a long story. But this cast has not stopped me to think about bringing new things to the internet, create new content, and plan exciting things I hope will be successful for my platform and career.

After dancing back on stage this past October, I started feeling like I will take a risk and start jumping again. My plan was to start with little jumps in class after the performance season was over at the end of the month. However, after we danced at the last venue, my foot started to feel not as safe anymore. The pain was coming back during certain movements, and the bottom of my arch was also starting to bother (beginnings of plantar fasciitis.)

Then, I traveled to New York City for five days (NYC vlog coming soon on my YouTube Channel!), and naturally, took classes at Steps. This was the moment where I realised I needed a second opinion, this time from a good sports doctor. Once I landed in Tampa, I called a doctor I knew will have a specific answer for what is happening.

I was terrified to imagine myself having an ankle surgery to repair the tendon, but I wanted to do everything I could to feel better and be as healthy as I could do what I love the most.

On November 26th, the doctor told me that everything on the MRI was good, no signs of tears but lots of inflammation. There were signs of fluids around the injured area as well. He then asked me, how long was I in a boot? or a cast? And then I proceeded to say that my foot was never immobilised since the injury happened.

His recommendation? A cast for three weeks for the foot to heal properly. After that, we will see what the next steps in Physical Therapy will be.

I am traveling this Friday to Miami to get the cast removed, and a future blog post will come with the next steps.

I can definitely say that being with a cast and walking with crutches is indeed no fun, and taking a shower has been the biggest challenge so far during these three weeks. What I wish the most is that the foot heals properly now, and I will not care about anything else until I feel safe and healthy to dance.

For those dancers out there that are in the same or a worse situation, the best thing I can recommend is that you have patience. Injuries are part of our package of being a dancer, and they are common. We are all humans, and we cannot expect our body to work perfectly all the times.

Take care of your body, as it is your only instrument as a dancer. And we only get one for life.