When we have a goal in mind, we almost never make a plan to achieve it.

The majority of times, that goal's finish line is never crossed and it is suddenly out of our hands. Of course, we try for that to never happen, but I can guarantee you that the future cannot be predicted. Anything can happen, either you get everything or nothing to get to that goal.

However, I am trying to think positive here. Our wishes CAN happen if we are determined and focused enough on what we want most.

But sometimes we need an extra help or push...

The major companies' ballet dancers always serve as role models and inspiration for many students. It is important for us to have a model to follow, especially when we start to learn. You see, our parents are the first ones we see and imitate. But when we are studying to be ballet dancers, we see the professionals and immediately will want to be like them.

They had the same first trip to the theater before, or even they saw videos or books about great and wonderful dancers around the world, and they were also bitten by the insect of inspiration.

If they could do it, why can't we?

It is very important for us, the dancers, to keep ourselves inspired. This art form is very hard mentally and physically, and it requires us to be at our 100%. When we feel that there is no exit to a hole in your mind, when you feel that you are not good enough, or even if you have bad days (which every dancer has), we see our idols dance our perspectives can totally change.

If you know me well, my principal inspiration is The Royal Ballet. I am an exceptional fan of this company and I am very lucky to have seen them dancing live four times.  My decision to pursue a career in ballet came right at the front door of the Royal Opera House.

Currently, my two role models are Darcey Bussell and Steven McRae. I think that my friends are tired of seeing and hearing my obsession with the Royal Ballet. But this is the truth, they are my inspiration.

Go to the theater, watch some YouTube videos or DVDs, read books, and find out more about a dancer or group of dancers that blow your mind. One day you will thank them for inspiring you every time you touch the barre.


Here is a video in which my two idols are together. Darcey retired about ten years ago but keeps involved with The Royal Ballet. Steven, on the other hand, keeps inspiring not only me but many young dancers out there.