My Inspirations Before a New Work Day

Today is my first full work-day at the studio.

After four months of doing just almost physical therapy, I am writing this post with a new leotard on and drinking a morning smoothie. Getting ready for a new day of company work.

I started to read David Hallberg's "A Body of Work," and it is perfect for this time in particular, as I am coming back from rest. He stopped for two years after double foot surgery (I still don't get to this part of the book, but the introduction gives you a glimpse of his day and how he felt when he could not take a ballet class or rehearse at all).

Lauren Cuthbertson's Nowness video is also a great inspiration to kickstart this day. On stage, she suffered a major injury and that video reflects her coming back (the video is shown below, as well as a link to my shop to buy Hallberg's book).

Lastly, Steven McRae, my ultimate favorite dancer, is also on a journey to recovery. His social media reflects a positive side of starting again with patience and mental strength. This morning, his message was, "Sometimes the hardest battle is against yourself. It's a new week full of challenges and opportunities. Be kind to yourself. Set yourself goals but remember you are human!"

These are the things that remind me that we all go through injuries. However, we all have the opportunity to recover and come back stronger. David, Lauren, and Steven's examples are just a few of many.

As small as my injury was, I am still thankful for the opportunity to reset and start again.

These are my inspirations for a new work day after a long, long break. If you were in the same situation, what would yours be?