Second NYC Trip: Watching Silvie Guillem


In November of 2015, I had the second chance to visit New York City, and I am so grateful I did!

Throughout my childhood and years as a ballet student, I saw Sylvie Guillem as the Goddess of ballet. No one could really pass her limits as a dancer with her gorgeous feet, legs, and artistry on stage. I could not imagine watching her dancing live, as it was never on my possibilities or budget living in Venezuela. I was comfortable with watching Silvie on the screens. 

Once again, my mom saw an advertisement or article about Silvie's last world tour, Life in Progress, and therefore her last performances in the USA.

I could not believe it. Sylvie Guillem? Oh please! In my dreams!

However, I thought, if that was the only time I could see her dancing before she officially retires from the stage after 39 years of career, I HAD to go!  Flight and theater tickets were approachable, and before I knew I was about head out to yet another adventure at the Big Apple.

Not only was I excited to watch a ballet legend but also to get one more day in cold, November  Manhattan. The first thing I did was to finally take a class at Steps. What an experience!  The class was taught by Wilhelm Burmann, who teaches a Balanchine-based class. Of course, different from anything I have danced before.

After a day of exploring, the time was coming to watch Sylvie. Up to this point, I still could not believe it, even with the ticket in my hand. Then, I waited at the reception of the New York City Center.

I remember not moving during the entire performance. I gasped when I saw the beautiful figure crawling on the stage floor, dancing an Akram Kahn piece. Silvie danced three modern and contemporary pieces. In the end, with standing ovation, Silvie took her last bow for the American audiences. 

I waited for almost an hour for her to come out at the backstage door. I had to walk a whole block to arrive at the back of the theater. Anxious, we waited for her autographs and photos. Suddenly I had the legendary Sylvie Guillem in front of me, and I got the autograph.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch Sylvie dancing before she retired. I am always more inspired when I get to see ballet stars live. I returned to Miami with more than good and postitive vibes.

 Merci beaucoup, Sylvie!


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