Finally Plant-Based! Here are the Benefits I Have Noticed + My Intolerances Test


If you have followed me for a while, you might have noticed that I tried to become vegan about three years ago.

Turns out, that it did not work well. Mainly because I did not know how to organise my meals.

I first started with this interest of being vegan watching, you guessed, YouTube videos. My YouTube feed is currently based on ballet, veganism, minimalism, and British YouTubers. YouTube can be quite fun, and I can say it has impacted some aspects of my life. Plant-based eating is one of them.

I remember that after I did my research (not only on YouTube but watching documentaries and reading some articles), I got very excited and started to just not have meat or animal products in my meals. I even wrote a blog post (which I deleted later because my trials had failed), and was convinced that this was the food plan that would finally help me with that desired healthy I wanted as a dancer.

Of course, there are some controversies like the traditional :where do you get your protein to dance?” Well, you can ask many vegan doctors out there and they will for sure have an answer for you. Besides, There are so many dancers that are adopting this lifestyle like Lauren Lovette (New York City Ballet), and Juliette Burnett (former Principal Artist at Australian Ballet.)

I have been eating a plant-based (and gluten free) style for months now and, I can say that I have not felt as good. Of course, I have not danced much since I adopted the way of eating, but I am pretty sure I will feel stronger when I go back 100%.

Here are some of the benefits for my body:

  1. I do not feel the “need” of protein. When I left animal meats and completed my macronutrients with plants, I still felt satisfied and strong, but less heavy and with better digestion.

  2. I am enjoying the variety of things I can cook or buy. Vegan kitchen is based on experimentation, and while it is not ideal to do, attend vegan restaurants has become an adventure! There are so many out there now.

  3. I feel more satisfied with the foods I eat, and I do not crave as many snacks. I for sure snack through the day, as my ideal plan is to eat five times a day. But I am not thinking about food ALL. THE. TIME.

  4. My digestion is better. Although I never had bad digestion or any gut issues, I felt have less stomach heaviness and bloating.

  5. I have the same amount of energy (or even better) than before. While figuring out what foods are better, I for sure had some low-energy moments. But now, I have not felt a low-energy moment in months.

  6. I also took an intolerances test by pricking my finger, and I found some surprising results. I am intolerant to gluten, lactose, apples, carrots, barley, cane sugar, cantaloupes, bananas (I know, crazy!) and almonds (crazy too!) By eliminating these foods, I did not notice a difference until I took them again. Bloating and abnormal stomach activity happens as soon as I have these.

  7. I am not restricting anything from my diet. Plant-based eating is not restriction, but rather an opportunity to learn how to eat differently. I am eating full and varied plates, not skipping meals, and not counting calories.

  8. And of course, I have noticed a great balance with my body shape. As a dancer, I am always concerned with maintaining a healthy and strong shape. I am for sure less inflamed, less bloated. I feel like when I get back to dance I will be able to feel better with my body and be able to dance as strong as ever.

These are some of the best things I have noticed since adopting a lifestyle that does not include any meat, chicken, eggs, or fish. Plant-Based eating is a whole new world to which I am glad I am discovering. If you are plant-based, let me know how it had benefited you!

In future blog posts, I am planning to insert some of the background information I found to support my food plan. There are so many speeches, campaigns, articles, and videos out there that explain all the benefits of veganism, not only to our health but also to the environment and animal safety.

Would you try going animal-less?