Why The Royal Ballet?


Nothing compares to when I moved to London and stepped into the Royal Opera House for the first time.

I was 8 years old. A mid-November evening, my mom and uncle decided to purchase three tickets to watch the Royal Ballet in La Sylphide. It was going to be my uncle’s first ballet, my mom’s first big production outside Venezuela, and a big game changer for me.

I still have some fresh memories of watching Alina Cojocaru flying on stage as a delicate sylph. We were in the last balcony, almost at the last seats.

Posters of Darcey Bussell were exhibited at the Royal Opera House’s walls. She began to be my first idol along with Alina Cojocaru, (who I still thank for giving me the wish to become a dancer). I went uncountable times to the theater’s store where I bought a pair of mini Freed pointe shoes I still keep.

Since then, The Royal Ballet holds a special place in my heart. Anyone who knows me can say that I can have video marathons, stay awake all night to watch them go live, or make a quick, crazy trip to New York and watch my idols dance during their tour.

As the years passed and the economic and political situation in Venezuela got worse, I watched more and more videos of Darcey Bussell. I started to feel inspired and bit identified with her late admission to the ballet school: maybe I could enter White Lodge at 13 like her? 14? Upper School at 15? 16?

I am almost 21 years old now, and my dream of training and dancing at the Royal Ballet seems farther than I thought back when I was 8.

I began investigating every detail and knowing every dancer, choreographer, and director that passed through and worked at Covent Garden. Their productions, dancers’ technique, diversity, and versatility are the things that make this company (at least in my opinion) wonderful: nothing more, nothing less.

Although what I still know and have clear is that, every time I feel uninspired, unmotivated, and not confident with myself and my dancing, my idols at London can help me with just a video or a simple post on their social media accounts.

I still dream to step on that stage one day. I know I didn't have the training to go to the Summer Courses or the economic help to go to London and audition to White Lodge when I was 11, but The Royal Ballet will always be there to welcome me as a faithful audience member, as well as many people that love its history, productions, crew, choreographers, and dancers.


This is a gallery of photos that shows my fandom for the company since I was 8 years old to when I was 17, the last time I saw them on stage in New York City. There are many more to come!