Negative Thoughts or Self-Esteem?


At some point in our lives, we can crash. This huge low blow is inevitable and I am sure every person has had this feeling.

For a dancer, getting to the studio and take a class every day is already a challenge. We face sweat, pain, sore muscles, judgment, and comparison. We watch ourselves in the mirror and sometimes hate what we see, while at the same time we need that instrument to correct our movements.

When we get corrections, it is the best to think they will help us to improve. And indeed, this is true. However, we can get frustrated if they do not connect with our bodies quickly enough. Sometimes seems even harder and harder every time we try again.

Self-esteem in ballet is very fragile and we have to learn how to manage it. Understanding that we are still humans and we and our favorite ballet stars are not perfect, is probably the first step to get into a better mood.

I never have perfect days in class or rehearsals. I am sure that my idols have not as well.

I want to get more positive thoughts and love myself more than ever. Yes, there are still a million things to work on, but the first one I will start working is loving myself more and try again with my difficulties.

I hope you find positive thoughts. I will try too. Do not worry about others, this is your life, your career, your dreams. Do not let anyone, or even yourself, crash and damage your dreams.


Kathryn Morgan's YouTube video about self-doubt: