Being Selfish?

Photo by Tino Prado. (During rehearsal at Tampa City Ballet.)

Photo by Tino Prado. (During rehearsal at Tampa City Ballet.)

When you grow up having lots of success as a dancer (and many important failures) you can, of course, have this sense of selfishness as your accomplishments grow bigger and bigger. However, an essential part of being a great dancer and having a good reputation in your career is the aspect of being humble.

Humbleness cannot miss within a dancer’s attitude towards her or his career. There are thousands of other young dancers out there that admire you, that look up to you, that wish to be like you. So, the way you are treating others and dealing with colleagues, artistic directors, and fans, impacts your image as a dancer immensely.

But I can talk more about being humble in a different post. Today, I would like to focus on the aspect of treating yourself, rather than when you are treating others.

Yes, all dancers (and people that have a big image for being an artist, athlete, or celebrity) need to have lots of humbleness as part of themselves; but how do these people get to where they are?

I think one of their “secrets” is that they are also a bit selfish.

Focusing on yourself 50, 60, or even 70% of the time, I think, can guarantee lots of good things, even when it is time to treat others. And this does not only apply to dancers but for non-dancers as well. Focusing on your body, your mental health, and your processes and routines, has a bigger impact than what you think.

On this 2019, I would like to stop focusing on others and start focusing on myself and my progress. As selfish as this might sound.

Haven’t you heard the phrase: “Love yourself first”?

The past year, I have been focusing on “what they will think” or “if I don’t send this email then such and such person will not have this.” I completely went off of thinking “how do I feel today,” “what do I need to do to feel better,” or “what do I have to do to improve this.”

I certainly think that, now at this crucial time of recovery, I just need to turn the focus to myself, my health, my ankle rehabilitation, and my technique recovery and improvement. Yes, the majority of the time dancers have to be humble, but there are times when it is crucial to stay selfish.

This is something I did not specifically mention in my 2018 Reflections, 2019 Goals post, but it is an aspect I would not only like to keep during 2019 but rather during my whole career (both dance and writing.)

Let’s see where this bit of selfishness takes me.

Time to recover!