The Importance of Having Supporters


We have been told that we can do whatever we want, as long as it makes us happy. We choose to pursue our passions, our desires, work hard every day, and reach our goals. Passion drives us far, and inspiration takes us to another level.

But sometimes, doing all of this by ourselves can be overwhelming.

There are times when we can be a hundred percent confident that we are doing the right thing. Other times, the world turns around and our goals seem to shade. Imagine being all alone in that cloudy moment, with no one that gives you words of support.

There is always someone out there that is going to tell you that you don't have what it takes to be what you want to be. Sometimes, that "someone" could be yourself.

This is when all the people that love and appreciate you come to the rescue.

Your family, friends, and even your audiences can be the people that give you the best support. If they see you frustrated, their kind words will make you change your attitude. No matter what career path you take, these people are your shields. They will hug you when you are sad and celebrate when you achieve.

It is also important to be a supporter yourself. All careers, not only ballet, deserve respect. It is better to give than receive; therefore, if you can give your support to the people you love, you will receive that love back.

I am very grateful to have my family, my friends, and my teachers around. There are infinite times where I believe that I am not good enough. However, I know I can count on them and they believe in me even when I don't do it myself.

Make sure these people are with you and do not let anyone bring you down. We all deserve to be heard and love what we do, and for extra care, we will always need our supporters.