My Top Dream Roles in Classical Ballet


Like all the lists I have written, it was very hard to establish my dream roles, especially because I do not have that many.

With principal roles, I say that they really go with my personality and the styles I like the most.

However, I can say that from all the ballets that exist, principal roles are not the only 'dream roles' I have. I rather want to dance in each and every corp de ballet for many ballets and choreographic masterpieces.

(You can read more about my love and admiration for the corp de ballet on my post for The Wonderful World of Dance: Why I admire the Corps de Ballet...)

Here are the principal classical ballet roles I dream of dancing. Who knows... maybe I actually get to dance one of these days!

(Note: These go in order of preference)


Aurora - from The Sleeping Beauty

Oh yes... the classic of the classics. Aurora is a very challenging role, not only for the technical difficulties and strict classical movements Petipa and Tchaikovsky's masterpiece include but also how Aurora is, personally.

Naturally, she is the Princess of the Princesses, later the Queen of the Queens. From the moment Aurora enters the stage in that vibrant entrance, she shows her royalty and elegance. Technical challenges are present at all times, from the five-minute Rose Adagio Pas de Cinq, to three variations, to the Grand Pas de Deux. However, I think that the most challenging thing about Aurora is that, while being a young and innocent princess, you have to show that she is, above all, Her Royal Highness.

If I had to choose from the soloist and corp de ballet roles from The Sleeping Beauty, I would definitely go with the Lilac Fairy (or any of the fairies), any of the characters that attend Aurora's wedding, and any of the corps that are at the palace courts.


Giselle - from Giselle

With the years, I have loved this ballet more and more. I think from all the characters I am going to name today, Giselle goes along with my personality the most.

Weak at heart, and humble from hair to toe, Giselle is sweet, shy, and an introvert, yet a very passionate and brave character. Her love for dance is present at all times. Of course, one of the things I love the most about her is the contrast from Act I to Act II: a very happy and in-love peasant, to a dark, cold, and dead Wili. And the top of the cherry for this role is the Mad Scene before she dies, which I think this is one of the most difficult challenges for a ballerina.

From Giselle's corps de ballet, the Wilis are also a dream to be part of!


Odette/Odile - from Swan Lake

Well, these had to be on this list!

I always say I would be a better Odette than Odile because I think that naturally, White Swan would be easier while with Black Swan, I know it would be a big challenge.

Swan Lake is also a big technical challenge for a ballerina, especially taking into account the counterbalance Odette and Odile have between each other. Odette is fragile, shy, and delicate; while Odile is envious, strong, and extrovert. 

Since I danced this ballet back in Venezuela (in the corps) and some excerpts in Miami, I have loved the swan-like movements and positions; not to mention the beautiful music! I want to repeat the experience of being a swan and/or dance in the character dances from the third act.

What are your dream roles in classical ballet? Let me know in the comments!