#withballet I am able to express my passion. From the day I first stepped into a studio, every class, workout, rehearsal, and performance inspires me to be a better dancer and a better person than the one I was yesterday. Studying the history of ballet as an art form itself teaches me that everything has a purpose, that every step has a meaning, and that every story has an intention. Watching performances around the world shows me that I, too, can be successful and have a dance career. Writing about ballet allows me to show my opinion and share my experiences in its unique world.
Theatre life can be so fulfilling, and being an artist can teach you many things. The discipline, dedication, and perseverance of an artist are one of a kind; and the most incredible thing is that every one of us is different and bring our own “thing” to the world. With ballet, and thanks to ballet, I am the person I am today.
I want to thank every person that has supported me, and that understands my passion and goals. Thank you, New York City Ballet, for creating this campaign. And you, what have you achieved #withballet?