My Mission with Claudia's Journal

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I started writing about seven years ago. I wanted to educate my friends about the value of ballet as an art form. Everything started with reading "A Ballet Companion" by Eliza Gaynor Minden, and getting inspired to share and learn more about dance. 

When I decided to share my experiences, I expanded my blog in 2013, then finally created Claudia's Journal in 2016. Now, I plan to develop my website as a wide platform for all dance enthusiasts.

Yes, dancing has been a part of me since I first stepped into that studio when I was 5 years old. Although, the more I learn, improve, and grow as an artist, the more I want to demonstrate why I keep doing it.

Claudia's Journal is a personal project with which I want to grow as a person, dancer, writer, and as an influencer for the arts. I intend to make an impact, letting people know not only what dance is all about, but also how dance leads my path and inspires me to learn new things. Hopefully, I can inspire others just as dance inspires me.