How much do we need to demonstrate?


As society develops, I am more surprised at how we keep pushing the arts behind.

One of the reasons I started writing in the first place was to share the value of ballet to my close circle of people. With time, the intention grew, and I really wanted to expand its value beyond.

Whenever you ask someone (someone not closely involved with the arts at all) when was the last time they went to a theatre, you will probably hear some of these answers:

-       If you are talking with a child, the answer might be “maybe once,” or “never.”

-       If you are talking to a teenager, the answer might be “maybe a few times with my parents,” or “I think theatres are boring.”

-       If you are talking to an adult, the answer might be “well, I have not been in a while”

-       And finally, if you are talking to an elder person, the answer might be “I love the theater. I try to go every time I can.”

Why does it have to be this way?

As technology takes over us (and I am not saying is it a bad thing), we are making sure a screen is more important than live performances. I am directly witnessing less support for art organizations, as society is shifting its priorities to, let's say, superficial stuff and money.

Here are some examples of how this is truly affecting us:

  • Governments taking budgets out for art organizations.

  • More difficult ways to get grants and prove the value and work of art companies.

  • People in museums are on their phones.

  • Audiences snapchatting a concert through their phones.

  • The majority of people in theatre audiences are elder.

  • Artist's salaries are still hard to consider "decent."

As 21st century artists, we want to make sure art is still relevant in society. As I always say, I think that a society without art is a society without a soul.

I do not want to be harsh, however, this is a good question to ask ourselves:

How much do we, the artists, have to do to demonstrate our job is valuable?

Let me know your opinions in the comments.