My Opinion on The New Federal Budget and The NEA


I will never get tired of mentioning Winston Churchill’s quote when he was asked to eliminate the arts funding to use them for the war's expenses.

The smart answer, or better to say, question, blew me away.

It is very disappointing for me to hear that a country that has numerous ballet companies, Broadway shows every night, famous museums, huge art events, a variety of music genres per state, youth orchestras, philharmonics, and schools like Juilliard, could arrive at the point of not wanting to support those careers at all.

Art is something that was, is, and will always be in our society. It is what makes us alive, what represents every country, and what differentiates us from one another.

America has defined itself as a modernistic region, originating many different styles of dance, music, and art that make the Americans stand out.

I come from a very cultural country. South American countries keep and revise their history, and stay faithful with their traditions. My country’s government took over the National Theatre many years ago, and I have been a witness of seeing it breaking down.

I do not want to imagine this huge and powerful country the same way, or worse, not supporting the arts altogether.

The National Endowment for the Arts is one of the most important organizations in The United States. Without it, cultural art organizations like ballet and opera companies, orchestras, musical theater organizations, or those in charge of museums would not have their projects fully funded nor supported.

We have to always remember what is important.

Of course, national security will always be a priority. Although, is it really necessary to cut not only the arts but environmental protection, education, humanities, and other funding at all just to keep the country away from war?

“Then what are we working for?” - Winston Churchill

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