My First Dance Reviews


Hello, everyone!

On the summer of 2017, I traveled for the fourth time to New York City. Many might wonder why I travel there so often...  This northeastern American city is filled with artful surprises. Most of the streets, from Lower Manhattan to the north, has either a theater, a sculpture, a museum, parks, recreation activities, or even local coffee shops with some cozy design for you to sit and relax.

And this is why I consider it a perfect place for artists.

I decided to challenge myself and asked Savannah, the CEO of The Wonderful World of Dance, if I could review one of American Ballet Theater's last performances at the Metropolitan Opera House.

I ended up writing two reviews: ABT's Tchaikovsky Spectacular and the INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival. Both events were majorly different but certainly demonstrated the best dance can give us.

Here are my two reviews. Remember to follow and check The Wonderful World of Dance often to read not only my new articles but also all ballet-related news, features, and interviews.


ABT: Tchaikovsky Spectacular

INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival 2017