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I am planning for Claudia's Journal & Beyond the Corps to be a bigger platforms and reach bigger audiences.

Beyond the Corps intends to discuss the value of dance and the performing arts in general, and hopefully make an impact on today’s society about the importance of supporting traditions and innovations within the dance world.

Patreon is a fantastic site in which you can support creators.

I have decided to create my own Patreon page, so you could support me to spread the word about the arts' values.


Why contribute?

Since Beyond the Corps will be an advertisement-free podcast, I need your help to keep making high-quality episodes.

One year from now, I would love to see how many more readers, viewers, and listeners I can reach with the positive impact I plan to make through Claudia's Journal & Beyond the Corps.

Can you imagine having more people in the audience? More children wanting to become ballet dancers? More dancers, singers, painters, and musicians being supported worldwide with their position as artists?


Through Patreon, starting with $2 a month, you could support Beyond the Corps and Claudia's Journal.